Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will your chair covers fit the chairs at our venue?

A1. We have three style of chair covers which will fit most chairs. However, to put your mind at rest, we will visit your venue prior to the event, to demonstrate how your chairs will look on the day of your event.

Q2. What if you don''t have the colour I require in the sash range?

A2. We do have a wide selection of colour choices. However, if we don''t have the colour you require, other colours may be available on request. Please contact us for more details.

Q3. When do you deliver, fit, and collect the chair covers?

A3. Delivery and fitting will be dependent on the time of your event. If your event is early, we may well deliver and fit your chair covers on the day prior to your event. Collection is always made on the following day of your event.

Q4. Do you charge extra for having two sashes tied together?

A4. No, there isn''t an extra charge for having two sashes tied together.